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Flame Mulling Kit


Organic ginger, cassia and chili pepper combine with other spices for a hot & spicy mulling kit for cider or wine. Warm up a cold evening with this spin on a traditional mulling spice blend. Enough to mull 1 gallon of cider or two bottles of wine.

Comes with a small muslin mulling bag so you're ready to mull at a moments notice!


allspice, ginger, orange peel, coriander, cassia, chili pepper, clove, mace, cardamom, black pepper


For a half-gallon of cider, put half the contents of the spice bag into your muslin bag and cinch and tie to secure. Pour your cider into a slow cooker or a non-reactive pot on the stove, add the muslin bag of spices and heat until just barely simmering. Do not boil. Keep at a low heat for 15 minutes before serving for best tasting results. 

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Flame Mulling Kit Front.jpg