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From the Field: Ginger Class


October 25th, 6:30 - 8:30 at Curio Spice Shop, 2265 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA

All things gingery and delicious! This class will excite your senses and soothe your digestion! We'll bring in fresh ginger from our farmer friends at Old Friends Farm in Amherst, MA and make pickled ginger. Additionally we'll taste test gingers from two direct sources on opposite sides of the planet and enjoy a recipe tasting that will surprise & delight. You'll learn new ways to use and enjoy this spice in your autumn recipes and have goodies to take home. We won't approach this spice in a gingerly fashion. 

Cancellation policy:
Tickets may be refunded 10 days prior to class. Thanks for understanding!

Our "From the Field" classes focus on a single spice. You get a chance to take a deep dive into the spice and discover how differing "terroir" affects the flavor and you'll learn new ways to use it and how to experience it in a rainbow of applications. We also share sourcing stories and other fun aspects about the spice, giving you a broader appreciation of the ingredient and new techniques for using it every day!

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