9/16/19 Hands-on Spice Blending

9/16/19 Hands-on Spice Blending


Monday, September 16th 2019 6-8pm
Hands-on Spice Blending

Learn all about the beauty of spice blending! You will make your own spice blends in class and learn about how we approach creating a new blend, from idea to execution. You will get a close look at our own flavor theory and how we use it to build balance and originality in our blends. You will also learn about different traditions of spice blending and how spices give us an incredible lens to learn about history and culture.

You will smell and taste A LOT of spices. You'll also be fed a few special treats (savory and sweet) made with our blends so you can understand the impact of quality spices on food.

Each student will take home 3 spice blends made in class ~ 2 traditional blends that we'll create together and 1 blend of your very own creation ~ plus a copy of our original Spice Flavor Wheel.

Limited to 6 students.

Cancellation policy:
Tickets may be refunded 7 days prior to class. Thanks for understanding!

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