Cinnamon peeler, Sri Lanka. Photo by Claire Cheney

Cinnamon peeler, Sri Lanka. Photo by Claire Cheney

our mission

The mission of Curio Spice Company is to de-commodify spices by sourcing from small, sustainable farms, uplift women in our industry, and support our local economy while enriching our community. We are activists as well as artisans: we want to change the way spices are produced and traded and make beautiful blends that celebrate unique flavors.

How are we pursuing our mission?

  • We work directly with spice farms and pay well above market prices for spices grown sustainably and responsibly to help reverse the exploitive traditions inherent in commodity spice trading.

  • We are women owned, and we seek to support gender equality and female empowerment by sourcing from women-owned businesses as well as spice cooperatives that contribute to female education and improved livelihoods.

  • We strive to reduce carbon emissions and the effects of global warming by sourcing organically produced spices and herbs whenever possible as well as locally produced herbs and salts.

  • At our headquarters in Cambridge, MA we track our energy and water usage, compost and recycle and have a no-straw policy!

  • We support our community and local economy by sourcing from Massachusetts and New England farms. We have a commitment to serve at least 75% local and independent customers.

  • We contribute to local education initiatives in the greater Boston area where Curio is based by teaching classes about spices, cooking & cultural heritage.

  • We source our spices with the highest standards in organic and fair trade agriculture, not to mention their FLAVOR. Sourcing from origin highlights the "terroir" of spices from specific regions (just like wine), adding edible luxury, creativity and intense flavor to food and drink.

What is a Public Benefit Company?

A Public Benefit Company (PBC) is a business designed to “have a material positive impact on society and the environment”— it seeks to provide social or environmental benefits and make a profit. PBCs are required to send annual reports to the State and may be assessed by an independent third-party to verify that they’re working toward their mission. A growing number of companies, both large and small, are becoming PBCs. Learn more about benefit corps here

Our Certifications & Sustainable Sourcing 

ORGANIC  Approximately 70% of the spices used to make our blends are certified organic. Organic spice production ensures that no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic inputs were used to grow or process the spices. At this time Curio Spice Co is not a certified organic handler, but we’re working on it!

MADE IN THE USA    Our spice tins and lids are made here in the U.S. and are recyclable. Additionally, many of the herbs and salts used in our blends are sourced as close to our manufacturing facility as possible (yay New England farms!) ensuring a fresher product.

RELATIONSHIPS Founder Claire Cheney has visited many of the spice regions that Curio sources from, including Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Greece and Turkey, Costa Rica, Madagascar and Japan. Forming relationships with farmers and producers at origin increases transparency from farm to consumer and helps to ensure that you receive a premium product that is outside of the commodity spice market.